"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want
to go far, go together." - African Proverb

Our aim is to make contributions that will long outlast us. Our aim is perpetuity. In putting together the team to help guide us on this journey, we defined lanes of expertise we believe will help best insure success. These lanes include independent thought, the natural world, faith, art, education, engagement, service to others, inclusion, recreation, and wellness.

Jim DuBose


Outdoor spaces, particularly our National Parks, captured Jim’s imagination as a boy. Many of his early years were spent in Colorado where he developed a deep connection to the land. So after a business career having led multiple international industrial concerns, Jim founded The DuBose Foundation in celebration of that connection.

Chris Andrew

Operations Director

As a true believer in the benefits of living an outdoor life, Chris finds joy in spending as much time as possible in the hills around his home. He is an avid trail runner, hiker, and open water swimmer.

Advisors, Fellows, Chairs

We have the pleasure of meeting some truly amazing people on our journey here at the foundation. Some of whom we more formally associate with as Advisors, Fellows, and Committee Chairs. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are grateful for their service and the perspective their experience offers.