Eco Joy Outfitters

A great deal has been written about happiness and joy, specifically about how both are good things of course, but also about how and why they are different. Happiness is an emotion and temporary, and joy is an attitude and act of will. The latter requires cultivation and we believe nature offers unrivaled spaces in which to begin, assist, and further that process. This is what we mean when we say … in our journey here at the foundation, we hope to help connect people and nature and joy along the way.

Just as when people meet, an introduction is sometimes necessary. The same is true with nature. For some of us that introduction is made by our parents-relatives-friends or by where we live-grow up or by various organizations. But not for all. And the reasons vary from socioeconomics to access to caution to there not being someone present to make the introduction.

And whether it is a day trip to a local park or an overnight in a national park or any number of other possibilities, the foundation seeks to assist in the introduction.

In much the same spirit as Sir Ranulph Fiennes famous quote …

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."

… gear is important. The foundation seeks to assist in the provision and instructional use of appropriate gear for getting out into nature. And gear for the recipient to keep for next steps. Which is to say getting out into nature again. And hopefully again and again and again.

And speaking of next steps, the foundation offers eempathy. Nature has empathy for us. All of us. And some of us have empathy for nature, a necessary component for conservation. This empathy is necessary for conservation. eempathy is dedicated to further exploring this relationship.