“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” was once uttered by an expert in the subject matter of doing, and doing good at that, Theodore Roosevelt. The foundation believes that the “can” and “have” of it are not always distributed equally. In this spirit, the foundation seeks to further the democratization of opportunity.

In addition to our 2045 initiative, whether through the foundation itself or other sub-501(c)(3) entities we establish, promote, and sponsor, we seek to create internships, jobs, access to healthcare, and opportunities for education where, we believe, it needs to be seen as more of a human right.

And for the provision of opportunity in other ways to both humans and animals alike, particularly as they inspire us.

Our impact takes the forms of Foundational Giving, Grants, Scholarships, Sponsored 501(c)(3) Organizations, and the foundations own Initiatives.