Conservancy & The NPS

We have a deep love for our U.S. National Parks. All 63 of them. With more than half of them, 33 of them to be exact, being officially founded during Jim’s lifetime. We are fortunate to have them and to benefit from the visionaries that came before us. Whether English poet William Wordsworth first referring to his homeland’s Lake District as a “national property” in 1810 and the unleashing of a new ideology. Or President Ulysses S. Grant bringing action to that ideology by signing the The Act of Dedication which first established Yellowstone as our first National Park in 1872. Or the inspiration of Muir. Or the resolve of Roosevelt. Or the organization of Mather. Or the countless bounty of others, we are forever grateful.

And it was this deep love for our U.S. National Parks, and for all NPS sites really, that served as a vessel to help us better understand the need and become advocates for conservancy. Preserving and furthering the purpose of these sites and the idea behind them is of keen interest to the foundation. We seek to bridge funding and ecology gaps, promote cultural awareness, and to introduce others to their grandeur and particularly so through our 2045 initiative.

And our love of the natural world is not confined by borders, or even the national sites of any nation. All natural spaces everywhere inspire us. Regardless of location, preserving ecosystems and the flora and fauna and even human cultures they contain is of equal interest to the foundation. And all of these natural spaces require a increasingly use-scarce resource to thrive, water, and hence another of the foundation’s initiatives.

Our impact takes the forms of Foundational Giving, Grants, Scholarships, Sponsored 501(c)(3) Organizations, and the foundations own Initiatives.